Yeganeh Torbati is a Reuters reporter covering defense and sanctions policy out of Washington, D.C.

Between 2011 and 2013, Yeganeh covered Iranian politics, the effects of international sanctions on Iran’s economy, human rights issues, Iran’s foreign policy, and the Islamic Republic’s disputed nuclear program.

Yeganeh was part of a three-person team at Reuters in 2013 that authored a series of investigative pieces about Setad, an …


News and Updates

Iran Sanctions Update: Political and Investment Environment

I recently moderated a discussion on Iran and the business climate nine months after the formal lifting of most international sanctions on the Islamic Republic. We examined, with a panel featuring the top State Department official on Iran, the reluctance of large banks to reconnect with Iran, the domestic power struggle, and other issues. The discussion starts here at around minute 09:40.

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Some news

I’m happy to announce some exciting news – from February onward I will be taking on a new role for Reuters, covering the intersection of energy and foreign policy out of Washington, D.C. This follows a short hiatus I took from reporting to work in the private sector as chief of staff at a multinational media company based in Dubai. 2014 was an exciting year in which I learned a …

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